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Year 2000 Ready, Fully Integrated Software Systems for the Oil Marketing & Convenience Store Industry,

ScotSys/2000 for the AS/400 is a unique software package for the oil jobber and convenience store industry that utilizes the full power of IBM's new AS/400e Series and the RISC processor.

You can now rent ScotSys/2000 to run on your Windows, UNIX or Linux PC through our unique website

The greatest advantage of ScotSys/2000 is its ability to make full use of the relational database characteristics of either environment. Still a mystery to most non-computer savvy consumers, a relational database is an important element of making your data accessible to all users in your organization.

Unfortunately, the majority of computer software being used by most businesses today, was written prior to the introduction of a true relational database. To make matters worse, most computer software programmers have been expected to only modify existing programs (called "legacy code") and are discouraged from redesigning the old programs to fit into the new environment. Consequently, we enjoy a healthy population of code fixers, but very few code designers. The phrase "If it ain't broke don't fix it," has dominated the software industry for a little too long now.

The Internet has become the method of choice for connectivity in all industries, and if we are to flourish in the new millennium we will need to connect to suppliers and all of our trading partners using the Internet and TCP/IP. Then and only then will we be able to develop standards to connect our cash registers, scanners and other equipment reliably. So-called client/server software that was such a rage in the 90's, may not work well in this new Internet environment. The problems associated with speed over the Internet become more apparent as programs are distributed over a wider area. Application written around GUI (graphical user interface) that has made Windows show popular, may extract a heavy price from applications that utilize it. Pretty colors and pictures are nice, but if you have to wait for the screen to be repainted every time you press the Enter key, you may wish you had never seen a graphical user interface.

To get some idea of what I mean, hold your shift key down and click "Reload" on your computer right now. Count the seconds it takes you to get back here, and you'll get a small dose of why you don't see so many applications being rented over the Internet right now.

We have solved that problem by using IBM SecureWay Host on Demand and a super-fast and very expensive "mainframe" type computer on our end. Able to process transactions some 250 times faster than a personal computer, our powerful AS/400e server, will give you the speed and reliability you need to help your data entry operators get their work done on time.

Over the years, many people have doubted that ScotSystems' customers can really close out on the first of every month. Well it's a fact and you will be able to as well, even running it over the Internet. Time and time again customers who have been using in-house system to run our applications have reported that over the Internet, is as fast or faster that their in-house systems. ScotSys/2000 can greatly reduce you cost by providing you with the latest hardware and software technology for one small monthly fee. Your responsibility is to repair or replace a broken PC. That's it. We take care of the rest.

ScotSys/2000 delivers a complete set of menu-driven, integrated computer programs for the oil marketer and convenience store operator . First and foremost, ScotSys/2000 is designed to run in the native environment of IBM's AS/400 computer AND engineered to function in the kind of relational database environment that computer aided software engineering (CASE) tools such as Synon/2E demand. CASE tools allow the user of a system to easily design his own unique programs over an existing database, as long as the database has been designed for that function. ScotSys/2000 is the only software program for both environments.

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