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General Ledger Features
Year 2000 Ready, Fully Integrated Software Systems for the Oil Marketing & Convenience Store Industry

An unlimited number of companies may be supported, merged and consolidated.

A default general ledger maintaining infinite history, greatly reduces the time necessary to get a company up-and-running.

A fourteen-digit general ledger account number offers convenient flexibility. The default format is 00-0000-000-000-00-00 but may be viewed in any configuration desired. In the Income Statement, the last two sets of numbers are used for branch and site numbers, affording 99 branches and 99 sites within each branch, providing automatic departmentalization of 9,801 major departments. In addition, payroll uses the second set of three digits as a job code, increasing departmental classifications by an additional 9,781,398 accounts. In other words, we provide more space for general ledger accounts than a company will ever need.

All programs in the system are completely integrated into the general ledger.

Financial statements may be printed on demand. A report writer feature allows the appearance of the financial statement to be altered by the operator. Utilization of total levels, total accounts and various printing options make the financial statement user-friendly.

A 'Bank Reconciliation Report' may be created on demand. The report sorts all entries to the general ledger in check/reference code order.

A check reconciliation file allows for tracking checks which have cleared the bank or remain outstanding.

The 'Chart of Accounts' may be printed on demand.

A 'Transaction Report' may be printed selectively by account number and date of entry. This report is a complete record of all entries posted to the general ledger, either automatically by the system or manually through the general journal. Entries posted through the general journal may have up to 50 characters of descriptive text.

A 'Trial Balance' can be printed on demand. Each account is listed with the month's beginning balance, month-to-date debits and credits and ending balance. Balance Sheet and Income Statements totals are provided.

A 'General Journal' posting program allows for the posting of deposits and miscellaneous journal entries. This program is interactive with the 'Computerized Check Printing' and the Convenience Store sub-system. A vendor number may be entered to address computer printed checks. A fifty character description may be entered with each side of each transaction. Protection against accidental out-of-balance entries is provided.

An 'Area Profit and Loss' statement is provided which tracks financial information for up to 9,801 departments. (One of our customers has set up over 15,000 general ledger accounts).

A 'Comparison Report' allows for prior year and budget analysis.

General ledger account searching has been implemented throughout the system.

A 'Comparison Report' allows for prior year and budget analysis.

All entries made to the General Ledger include:

    The operator who made the entry
    The time and date of the entry
    The job number of the entry
    The terminal used to make the entry
    The program used to make the entry

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