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Unveils Plans for Y2K Java-Based Internet Server


Bill Scott
ScotSystems Inc 

Scotsystems Inc. Unveils Plans for Y2K Java-Based Internet Server

--Long-Established Provider of Software for the Wholesale Distribution and Retail Industry Will Harness the Power of the Internet and Bring Java-Based Computing and e-Commerce to the Market

VICKSBURG, MS -- August 27, 1997 (INB) -- ScotSystems Inc., serving the oil marketing, wholesale distribution and convenience store since 1981, today announced its plans to deliver its software products on standard PCs and Java-based Internet appliances, residing on a series of powerful Internet Web servers, and to be the first ISP to introduce open, Internet-based e-Commerce to these industries.

Capitalizing on ScotSystems' established customer base, and featuring new technology that Web-enable ScotSystems' powerful Year 2000 Ready software products for wholesale distributors, oil marketers, convenience stores, and retail operations, ScotSystems Inc. will use its concept of an Industry-Specific DataBase Template (ISDBT), its knowledge of relational-database technology and data warehousing utilizing DB2/400, and IBM's powerful Secure Socket Layer and Firewall products, to provide the utmost in security in offering Internet services to its clients. ScotSystems' $1.5 million dollar plan includes the installation of a $1 million dollar Internet server linked to multiple satellite-servers located at strategic points throughout the United States, providing online services to wholesale distributors and retail operations all over the world. "By the year 2002 we expect to have invested over $21 million dollars in Internet servers and communications equipment," Scott added. "Soon, buying computer software and administering your own database will be like buying a cow to have a glass of milk for breakfast every morning," says Bill Scott, ScotSystems Inc.'s president and creator of ScotSys/2000 and ScotSystem Satellite - two of ScotSystems' products for the wholesale distribution, convenience store and oil marketing industries. According to Scott, the average cost of owning computer technology is rising at an alarming rate, exceeding 25% per annum with no end in sight. Says Scott, "According to the latest figures from industry experts, the cost of owning a networked PC, has reached $13,187 per year." Scott added, "Somebody has to do something quickly to insure customers will be able to continue using computerized technology into the next millennium."

At the center of the issue is the problem of standards. ScotSystems' plans include: 

--Providing cross-platform connectivity for Unix, Windows, Mac OS 8, OS/400, and all operating systems capable of hosting a Java Virtual Machine platform.

--To eliminate the clients' concerns for hardware and software obsolescence for all times, while maintaining their ability to take advantage of technological change that is certain to have an impact on their business.

--To maintain an interactive, online data warehouse, accessible on demand by ScotSystems Inc. clients through the Internet, from anywhere an Internet connection can be found.

--To provide tools and programs for the processing, storage and retrieval of a client's data, safeguarded on off-site and secure Internet servers.

--To lower the cost of a client's on-going data processing expense, by an amount equal to or exceeding 40%.

--To provide a virtual marketplace for electronic commerce and transaction processing between warehouses, retail operations, back-offices, suppliers and trade associations and any and everyone sharing a common interest in their industry.

--To provide training and assistance to clients and their employees through a combination of electronic mail and toll-free telephone support - 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year, from anywhere in the world.

--To provide message boards, research gathering services, computer-based education, assistance, and other Web services through industry-specific forum environments.

About ScotSystems Inc. Technologies

IBM has recently announced a brand new, state-of-the-art computer known as the "AS/400e Series Server" which will allow thousands of clients access to a common fire-wall protected Client/Server environment. ScotSystems' Year 2000 Ready programs, ScotSys/2000 and ScotSystem Satellite, have been Web-enabled and can be accessed via any computer that uses the World Wide Web with virtually-free Web browsers, downloaded from the Internet and delivered with every new personal computer.

"Someday soon, the Internet will direct shoppers to parking places because cars will know where the parking places are," Scott said. Using this example to make his point, Scott adds that someday soon, all devices that a business uses will be connected to the Internet. "Instead of scanners connecting to cash registers and card readers connecting to gas-pump controllers, each device will have its own unique Internet address and communicate with other devices using the Internet and TCP/IP," says Scott. "This is going to turn the integrated Point Of Sale computer industry on its ear," Scott continues. "The retail store of the next millennium will buy their POS equipment in modules from office supply warehouses and build their own unique POS environment utilizing powerful Internet server devices." He concludes, "Then, and only then, will an enterprise have secure access to their devices and their trading partners through a common, industry-standard platform. We are going to relationalize EDI!"

About ScotSystems Inc. Bill Scott, the president of ScotSystems Inc., began working with wholesale distributors, oil jobbers and convenience store retail operators in 1981. Scott originally designed his programs on personal computers before personal computers became popular. Early on, Bill Scott felt that personal computer technology was headed in the wrong direction and resisted the urge to join the PC revolution because of his belief that sooner or later the common PC architecture was doomed even before it began. "If users expect to connect and conduct e-business over the Internet, they will demand multi-way processors and a more reliable and secure environment for doing so," Scott said. "It is my dream to help my customers realize their dream. They've waited long enough. The time is now!"

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