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Release 1.0

The original programs were created by Bill Scott from May through September of 1981. Originally limited to oil jobber software only, the programs were designed to run on a Horizon NorthStar Computer. The original name was Bill Scott's Jobber System.

Release 2.0

Significant enhancements were made by March of 1982 to handle retail accounting, fuel tracking and profit and loss statements for the convenience stores.

Release 3.0

Bill Scott's Jobber System was rewritten in the RPG language to operate on the IBM Sys/34 in the fall of 1983.

Release 4.0

In May of 1984, Bill Scott released a new version of the software to support multi-company oil marketing and convenience store operations.

Release 5.0

In the spring of 1985, Bill Scott's Jobber System was redesigned for the IBM Sys/36 midrange computer.

Release 6.0

Prompted by federal regulations pertaining to increased emphasis on underground storage tank leaks, In November of 1988, the convenience store portion of the system was redesigned to support 20 fuel types and tanks per each convenience store.

Release 7.0

A major rewrite of Bill Scott's Jobber System began in January of 1990 to support IBM's AS/400 computer system. Although the task encompassed over two years of work, the only changes made were to allow the software to run in the native environment of the AS/400. At that time, the system was renamed Scott's Oil Marketing and Convenience Store System.

Release 8.0

With the implementation of ScotSystem Satellite, a program which runs at individual convenience stores and allows store reports to be checked and prepared, then transmitted to the office via modem; in 1992, Bill Scott embarked on a five year project to take full advantage of the relational database properties of the AS/400. Release 8.0 is a Year 2000 Ready, fully normalized, IBM SAA compliant software package for IBM's Advanced Series AS/400 utilizing the RISC processor. The project was completed in the fall of 1995, placed into beta at that time and fully debugged and operational by March 1996. The new system is named ScotSys/2000.

Release 9.0

In preparation for full Internet connectivity, many changes have been made to allow for access through web browsers. In addition, enhancements have been made to the rack system and the fuel tracking programs. The system has been ported to and is running in a Windows/98/NT environment as well as on our flagship AS/400 systems.

ASP Internet

In the year 2000, ScotSystems moved all of its applications to the Internet and began renting it's applications on a month-by-month basis. Since the applications are updated daily, the need for releases no longer exist.The new project was name "StoreReport".

Integrated POS

In the year 2003, ScotSystems began work on integrated POS systems so that real-time perpetual inventory could be integrated into the ScotSystems' back-office system. In 2004, test began with one of ScotSystems' prime customers and the testing was completed in the year 2004.

Back Door Receiving

In the Year 2005, after two years of development and testing in live stores, it was determined that vendors were too far behind in technology to expect total integration into the ScotSystem/StoreReport perpetual inventory system. Some vendors had no computerization whatsoever. New modules were created to allow store clerks to check inventory in using hand-held data terminals and maintain pricing and manage parent/child relationships using familiar GUI programs in a client/server . The hand-held devices are also used for computer-controlled audits.

At the same time GUI based pricing programs were created to allow office personnel to manage prices in multiple stores.

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